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Both Elysium's club and park locations are available to be booked for private events. If you are interested in booking our venues, please see our rates and info below.





To book the club or Elysium Park for your private event



Mondays-Fridays - from 9am SLT to 3pm SLT

Saturdays/Sundays - Negotiable


24 hours - $L2500

6 hours - $L1250

3 hours - $L625


We reserve the right to set out a tipjar for the venue.


We can book DJs and Live Performers for your event - we provide only booking services, you must pay their current rates. We can also work with you to find a DJ or performer that fits your budget.


Please fill out our Booking Form here:

Please note:

  • Adult themed events are excluded, as Elysium is a moderate sim.

  • Only written confirmation [inworld notecard] of your booking by Lucifer Morningstar or GP Yoshikawa should be taken as confirmation it has been accepted.

  • If your booking date conflicts with another event, we will attempt to offer an alternative.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

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