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Our Staff




Lucifer Morningstar is the Proprietor and primary Host of Elysium. He joined Second Life on March 09, 2016, and while a relative newcomer to virtual worlds, has settled in nicely. He has RL experience in the entertainment industry and applies his skills to Elysium, dedicated to bringing his patrons the best performances and events. 













Gabrielle Riel is Co-Owner of Elysium and an Internet radio broadcaster who joined Second Life in 2006. She has specialized in planning and running Second Life events since that time. She launched Radio Riel, an Internet radio station with 7 different audio streams, in 2007. She has owned and managed multiple Second Life private estates since 2008, including the Elysium region. She was the winner of the Second Life Avi Choice Award for Favorite Second Life Radio DJ in February 2016. She plays at Elysium on the first and third Friday of every month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm North American Pacific time, every Sunday of the month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm North American Pacific time, and on the fourth Sunday of the month from 12:30pm to 2:00pm North American Pacific time.








Lilith Abdelnour is Elysium's club manager, event host, and Grand Webmistress. Lilith has been in SL for nearly 14 years (under a couple of avatars), and has RL experience in the hospitality industry, she applies these skills to Elysium. She also serves as bartender and occasionally, bouncer. She can be summed up as "flirty, fun, and dangerous".








Jed Dagger is Elysium's lead estate manager and sim and club law enforcement. A Second Life resident for almost 12 years, she has been working as an estate manager in multiple estates for 6 years. She has been known to write on occasion and is an editor for The Gallery of Curiosities podcast, a 2018 Parsec Award finalist. By her own admission she does not suffer fools lightly, so you have been warned!

GP Yoshikawa

GP is the latest member of our team, our Booking Manager Extraordinaire. She hails from California and has a deep love of all sorts of music. She is also our first line of support at Elysium, seeking out the best talent SL has to offer and bringing them to you, our Patrons. You may see GP in the club on event nights, so be sure to say "Hi" - she loves meeting patrons.

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